Java / Scala Architect / Senior Developer

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- Breeze
- Apache Spark

Machine Learning
- Tensorflow
- Apache Spark

Java / J2EE
- Spring + Integration & MVC
- Web services
- NoSql
- Hibernate
- Junit


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Name: Mike Whitfield
Current Role: Java / Scala Architect / Senior Developer

Consultancy with over thirty years experience in the development and implementation of large scale, business critical systems in the insurance, banking, telecommunications, media, retail and airline sectors.

Twenty years of commercial Java for both software houses and end user organisations, working with a variety of development methodologies and keeping up to date with all technical developments in the field.

Now working with Scala and Machine Learning frameworks with an interest in integrating ML into commercial applications

On-line Gaming

Application Servers
- Tomcat
- Websphere 4 - 7
- WebLogic 7
- JBoss

- MySql
- DB2
- Oracle
- NoSQL (Mongo)
- Nonstop

- Scala (Eclipse)
- Springsource Tool Suite
- Intellij
- Agile
Recent Roles
Client Virtual Business Systems Ltd
Technologies: Scala (Breeze, Apache Spark), Tensorflow, Java
  • Developing a Scala / NLP based application to correlate arbitrary structured documents (XML, Json, SQL) into related datasets by tag and content similarity.
  • Developing a supporting application to generate large datasets of random, syntactically and semantically valid documents.
  • Developed a Scala Breeze / Apache Spark based CNN and FCN ML framework as an exercise to gain a better understanding of how neural networks are built. The framework's components can be tested against outputs from the equivalent Tensorflow configuration.

Client LV
  Java Senior Developer
Technologies: Java 8: Intellij, Spring Integration, XSLT, JSON, TDD, JIRA
  • Developed General Insurance applications using Java 8 and Spring Integration
  • Developed script driven "mock service" to assist testing.

Client BSkyB - Mobile and Interactive
  Java Senior Developer
Technologies: Java 6: Eclipse (SpringSource Tool Suite), Spring 3, Spring (Integration, MVC), XSLT, JSON, Plist, JUnit, Tomcat, Memcached, Solr, NoSql(MongoDb, CouchDb), MySql, Hibernate, Maven, Agile, TDD, JIRA
  • Developed server side systems to retrieve, aggregate, transform and cache data feeds for the multi award winning Sky Sports iPad application, plus the Sky Sports iPhone and Android applications.
  • Responsible for other server-side administration systems required for the client applications.

Client Salmon - E-Commerce Applications
  J2EE Senior Developer
Technologies: J2EE / Java 6: Eclipse (RAD), Websphere Commerce 6 & 7, EJB, DB2, Spring, Agile
  • Developed WC 7 based e-commerce sites and provided support for WC 6 based sites.
  • Developed Content Management sub-system incorporating external news feeds and linking articles to products.
  • Developed multi store price management and product propagation components.

Client Legal & General - Protection Insurance
  J2EE Architect / Senior Developer
Technologies: J2EE: Eclipse(RAD / WSAD), Websphere 4 & 6, EJB, Spring + MVC, Struts 1.1 + Tiles, JMS(MQ),
ANT, JDBC & Hibernate (DB2), Drools rules engine, TDD (JUnit, CruiseControl), Subversion, UML
  • Extended Spring / Hibernate based framework to provide automatic auditing of change to business model and developed other infrastructure components for use in J2EE applications.
  • Extended SpringĀ's test framework to enable comprehensive component integration tests to be included in CruiseControl.
  • Developed business components for online sale of Protection and General Insurance products.
  • Migrated applications from Websphere 4 to Websphere 6 using IBM's Rational Application Developer IDE.

Client Aspective - Software House
  System Re-Architecting, J2EE Consultancy
Technologies: J2EE: Websphere 4 & 5, Eclipse(WSAD), EJB, Struts, Web services
ANT, JDBC, Oracle 9.i Autonomy, UML
  • Re-architected Avalon based application into J2EE architecture (including Struts presentation tier) allowing both architectures to co-exist and enabling a phased migration between them.
  • Provided general consultancy on J2EE, web services, the use of WSAD and migration of non Java applications.
  • Developed a proof of concept J2EE application incorporating a customer's core functional requirements to demonstrate an internationalised web based solution.

Client Barclays Bank - Business Banking
  J2EE Systems Integration
Technologies: J2EE: Websphere, WSAD V4, EJB, Servlets, JSP, XML, JUnit, UML (Rational Rose) , RUP
  • Produced UML Design for Customer integration component and sub-components of a Credit Aggregation product.
  • Developed presentation and mid-tier code, using EJB Session beans to integrate Barclays Enterprise Components with a third party product accessed via a CICS Transaction Gateway
  • Produced omprehensive JUnit harnesses for components
  • 6 week incremental delivery of code

Client Legal and General - Life Assurance, Pensions, ISAs
  J2EE Systems Integration, Systems Re-Architecting, Web Content Management
Technologies: J2EE: Websphere 4, WSAD V4, EJB, JDBC(Oracle 8i/ DB2), JMS, RMI, Servlets, JSP, Struts, Swing, XML/XSL (Xerces/Xalan), JUnit, VisualAge UML(Rational Rose)
  • Ported applications from OrbixWeb to Websphere 4 using WSAD
  • Evaluated Portal Solutions (BowStreet and Vignette)
  • Developed mid-tier for Stakeholder Pension Scheme Administration and New Business Tracking applications.
  • Produced XML based Web Content Management product allowing users to self author components of websites using a Swing based WYSIWYG XML/HTML editor.
  • Developed Unit Trust purchase web application and provided support for web ISA, Fund Selling and Switching applications.

Client NSC Technology - Network Equipment Suppliers
  E-Commerce aplication development
Technologies: Java 1.1 & 1.2, Servlets, JSP, JDBC(Oracle 8i), NT, Solaris(Apache), VisualAge
Developed user registration, order processing and tax/charge components of application to sell network equipment and services over the Internet.

Client Financial Times
  Web based Journalist's Desk Top
Technologies: Java 1.1 & 1.2, Swing 1.1.1, RMI, JDBC (Oracle 8i)
Wrote client code for Wire Services, Story Sharing and integrated e-mail (fronting Notes and SII), then developed complete Chat sub-system and Notes middle tier. Implemented message digest and encryption security mechanisms and developed stress testing package.

Earlier Roles
Legal & General
Barclays Bank
Financial Times
Lloyds TSB
Deep Learning Specialization

Neural Networks for Machine Learning

Functional Programming Principles in Scala

Big Data Analysis with Scala and Spark

Principles of Reactive Programming

Scala Specialization - Parallel Programming

Machine Learning

Mining Massive Datasets

Cryptography I
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