The complete version of this applet would be used to monitor and control all aspects of the data warehouse processing including:

This demonstration models a remote host connection and a file load process. The remote host contains a directory of files which are to be transferred to the data warehouse. The file load consists of a controller and number of load processes. The controller monitors the queue of files from the remote host and passes the id of a given file to a particular load process to write the file to the database. As the queue builds up, the controller initiates more load processes up to a pre-defined maximum, and as the queue shrinks, the controller requests load processes to close down.

In the demonstration, files appear on the remote host in batches of 50 at intervals of 1 minute. Up to 5 copies of the load process can run simultaneously.

The applet is used to start/stop the file loading Process Set, and to start/stop (open/close) a connection to the remote host. It is also used to change the configuration of the remote host, and to view the status of each component.
The main function of the Monitor however is to report actionable events, and to provide a mechanism for the user to deal with each event.

Obviously, there are several simplifications and ommissions in this demonstration: