I've left this demo on the site for nostalgic reasons. This was my first piece of real Java coding, written in 1996.

Applet Version
This version of the applet was compiled under Microsoft Visual J++ 1.1. It has been tested using Explorer 4.0 and Netscape communicator running under Windows 95. The demo does not work correctly with Explorer 3.0 and Netscape 3.0.

I produced this applet to demonstrate the way in which a Web based front end could be used to monitor and control a datawarehouse over an Intranet.
It was developed as an "in house" example of how the monitor may look and work, and I included as many ideas as I could in it - hence the "mish mash" of styles and somewhat scruffy graphics. Features from this demonstration were incorporated into a Telco Information Gateway product.

The main function of the applet is to report actionable events to the user and to enable the user to respond to each event as required - for most of the time it remains in the background. Once the applet is started it will continue to run until the page is exited or the "Stop Demo" button is clicked. All applet windows may be exited - if an event occurs the relevent window will re-appear.