Name: Michael John Whitfield
Residence: Europe and Australia

Career History

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May '99: Sun Java Programmer Certification

Jun '09 to Sep '09,
Jun '04 to Jan '09: E-Commerce
Client : Legal & General Environment: 

J2EE: Websphere 4 & 5, Websphere 6, RAD, WSAD 5.0.1 EJB, Spring + MVC, Struts, JMS(MQ), ANT, JDBC & Hibernate (DB2), Drools rules engine, UML, TDD (JUnit, CruiseControl), Subversion

  • Developed Extended Spring / Hibernate based framework to provide automatic auditing of change to business model and developed other infrastructure components for use in J2EE applications.
  • Extended Spring’s test framework to enable comprehensive component integration tests to be included in CruiseControl.
  • Developed business components for online sale of Protection and General Insurance products.
  • Migrated applications from Websphere 4 to Websphere 6 using IBM's Rational Application Developer IDE.

Jan '09 to May '09: Java applications
Client : Virtual Business Systems Ltd Environment: 

Java: Eclipse, Spring, Hibernate (MySQL), GWT, JUnit, Tomcat

  • Developed a Spring bean versioning component.
  • Developed GWT based Ancestor Location application to integrate genealogy files with database and Google Map geocoding data, enabling distance based event searching using customised Google Map tools.

Jun '03 to May '04: J2EE Consultancy
Client : Aspective Environment: 

J2EE: Websphere 4 & 5, Wsad 5.0.1 EJB, Struts, ANT, JDBC, Oracle 9.i Web services UML, Autonomy

  • Re-engineered Avalon based application into J2EE architecture (including Struts presentation tier) allowing both architectures to co-exist and enabling a phased migration between them.
  • Provided general consultancy on J2EE, web services, the use of WSAD and migration of non Java applications.
  • Developed a proof of concept J2EE application incorporating a customer's core functional requirements to demonstrate an internationalised web based solution.

Mar '03 to Jun '03: J2EE Best Practice
Client : Virtual Business Systems Ltd Environment: 

J2EE: Weblogic 7, JBoss 3.2.2, EJB (1.1 & 2 Session, Entity CMP & BMP, Message Driven), JAAS, JMS, JMX, ANT, Struts, JDBC, Oracle 8.i, Web Services including JAXB

Developed fully internationalized, multi currency application that acts as broker between Customers/Suppliers:

  • Real time exchange rate retrieval via a web service client
  • Struts 1.1 with Tiles
  • EJB 2.0 CMP with EJB QL, and JMS queues/Message Driven Beans
  • JAAS authentication provider and login module to enable user authentication via a database
  • Includes web service for querying supplier data
  • Components have been used in subsequent J2EE developments


May '02 to Mar '03: Business Banking: Customer Liquidity Management
Client : Barclays Bank Environment: 

J2EE: Websphere, WSAD V4, EJB, Servlets, JSP, XML, JUnit, UML (Rational Rose) , RUP

  • Produced UML Design for Customer integration component and sub-components of a Credit Aggregation product.
  • Developed presentation and mid-tier code, using EJB Session beans to integrate Barclays Enterprise Components with a third party product accessed via a CICS Transaction Gateway
  • Produced comprehensive JUnit harnesses for components
  • 6 week incremental delivery of code

Apr '00 to May '02: E-commerce and Web Content Management Applications
Client : Legal and General Environment: 

Java 1.1 & J2EE: Websphere 4, WSAD V4, EJB, JDBC(Oracle 8i/ DB2), JMS, RMI, Servlets, JSP,Struts, Swing, XML/XSL (Xerces/Xalan), JUnit, VisualAge
UML(Rational Rose)
NES, Apache, JRUN

  • Ported applications from OrbixWeb to Websphere 4 using WSAD
  • Evaluated Portal Solutions (BowStreet and Vignette)
  • Developed mid-tier for Stakeholder Pension Scheme Administration and New Business Tracking applications.
  • Produced XML based Web Content Management product allowing users to self author components of websites using a Swing based WYSIWYG XML/HTML editor.
  • Developed Unit Trust purchase web application and provided support for web ISA, Fund Selling and Switching applications.

Jan '00 to Apr '00: E-commerce Application
Client : NSC Technology Environment:  Java 1.1 & 1.2, Servlets, JSP, JDBC(Oracle 8i), NT, Solaris(Apache), VisualAge
Developed user registration, order processing and tax/charge components of application to sell network equipment and services over the Internet.

Jun to Dec '99: Integrated Web based Journalist Desktop
Client : Financial Times Environment:  Java 1.1 & 1.2, Swing 1.1.1, RMI, JDBC
(Oracle 8), Notes, NT & Solaris
Wrote client code for Wire Services, Story Sharing and integrated e-mail (fronting Notes and SII), then developed complete Chat sub-system and Notes middle tier. Implemented message digest and encryption security mechanisms and developed stress testing package.

May to Jun 99: Java "Legacy Data Processing" application
  Environment:  PC Java 1.1
Used the "Information Gateway" concept as a vehicle to develop a Java application using RMI and JDBC.

Jul '98 to Apr '99: Internet Banking
Client : Barclays Bank Environment:  Tandem NSK NT, CORBA, C + SQL, VB 5 IIS ASP
Used CORBA compliant Tektonic product running on NT servers and Tandem NSK platform to encapsulate existing database tables and server processes. Designed and implemented a meta database to:
  • Provide universal Access/Audit interface for Tandem Server processes and new/existing database tables
  • Integrate data from separate databases/processes into application business objects

Continued to develop remaining system infrastructure and new application business objects on the Tandem, together with VB5/ASP test harnesses. Investigated the use of C++ on the Tandem for future development.

Jan '98 to Jul '98: Telco Operator Services Platform
Client : Volt Delta Europe Environment:  Tandem NSK C + SQL
Supported phased implementation of the Operator Services Platform, consisting of PC based operator work stations, Interactive Voice response Units and Tandem servers. Specifically responsible for the Tandem applications, capturing all call events and producing real time Management Information Reports.

Jan '98: Developed "Internet School of English" web site with supporting infrastructure written in VB5. Internet School of English

Aug '97 to Dec'97: Internet Lottery/Casinos
Client : MonaCall S.A.M Environment:  PC, Tandem NSK
Java, Cobol + SQL, HTML, ASP, ActiveX, VB
The Russian State Lottery Copyright Monacall S.A.M
Developed Tandem servers/batch programs to maintain lottery database then wrote all required web pages using HTML with ASP, communicating with the Tandem system via RSC (using VB5).
Developed Intranet Administration/Management Reporting subsystem using ASP and ActiveX components, linking a "web statistics" database created on the NT Server to the main database on the Tandem.
Virtual Roulette - Copyright Monacall S.A.M
Wrote Java classes to standardize communications between game applets and the Tandem and produced "virtual roulette" ActiveX control which can be run stand alone or in communication with the server.

Jun '97 - Jul '97: Moved from Australia to Europe

Dec '96 to May'97: Telecommunications System Management with Web front end 
Client : Optus TeleCommunications through Tandem Australia Environment:  PC, Tandem NSK Java, HTML, C, Cobol, SQL

Enhancement to Information Gateway to automate day to day running and configuration via GUIs written in Java and running under Netscape on PCs and Apples.
Prototyped Queue Management, Process Control and Alarm handling Java applets, wrote a Java Class Generator (in C) to convert Tandem Cobol IPM definitions to Java Class libraries.

Wrote Architecture and Design Specifications covering dynamic system configuration based on work load, alarm handling, including intelligent system performance monitoring, and automatic restarts.

Nov '96:  Project Accounting Package
Client :  Tandem Australia Environment:  PC, Visual Basic, SQL

Developed prototype Project Accounting System for in house use.

Dec '95 to Nov '96:  Telecommunications Billing Data Warehouse
Client:  Telstra through Tandem Australia Environment:  Tandem NSK, SQL, TACL

Developed infrastructure to enable the Tandem DataLoader product to automatically load Billing data files into an SQL database. The infrastructure provided event driven initiation of multi-process DataLoader functions using parallel translation and loading of data into multiple table partitions. Developed scripting language and interpreter to perform the data translation.
During the project, worked with the author of the DataLoader product and gained a thorough understanding of its capabilities.

Feb '95 to Dec '95:  Telecommunications "Information Gateway" 
Client:  Optus Telecommunications through Tandem Australia Environment:  Tandem NSK Cobol, SQL, TACL, Pathway

Designed and implemented initial version of the system which
  • identifies and retrieves call and billing files from several remote hosts
  • loads the data into an integrated SQL database
  • generates customer specific extracts which are downloaded to customers either electronically or via Diskettes or CD ROM
As part of the system designed a standard ftp interface, allowing new types of remote hosts to be added without system changes. The Bell Sygma PC factory product is used to package customer data. Customers are provided with graphical views of their data and with the capability to define their own reports, graphs and views.
Designed and implemented an extension to this system which integrates customer calling card details and call details to produce calling card usage reports.

Nov '94 to Feb'95:  Telco Interactive Voice Response Bill Payment system
Client:  Optus Telecommunications through Tandem Australia Environment:  Tandem NSK C, BETEX

Provided support for initial implementation of the system. The BETEX product controlled Dialogic Voice Response Units running Appserver software. C sub-routines within the system performed on-line validation of customer accounts and credit card payments.

Aug '94 to Nov 94:  Retail Customer Loyalty Data Warehouse
Client:  Fly Buys through Tandem Australia Environment:  Tandem NSK Cobol, SQL, TACL

Designed and implemented the customer point maintenance suite, then produced analysis and design for the Award Redemption sub-system.

Jul '93 to Jun '94:  Retail Accounts Receivable and Order Processing
Client:  QIW through Tandem Australia
Provided on-site support

Environment:  Tandem Cobol, Pathway 

Nov '92 to Jun'93:  Port of Mincom MIMS3 system to Tandem
Client:  MinCom through Tandem Australia Environment:  MinCom Pre-Compiler, Unix, TACL, Tandem NSK, Sun

Developed package using MinCom pre-compiler and running on the Sun to automatically split very large monolithic Cobol programs into sets of Cobol modules, compilable on the Tandem. Wrote Unix/ TACL infrastructure to allow to parallel generation and compilation of large numbers of these programs. Using this package, the port was successfully completed 6 weeks ahead of schedule.

Aug '91 to Oct '92: Retail Accounts Receivable and Order Processing
Client:  QIW through Tandem Australia Environment:  Cobol, Pathway, Tandem NSK

Responsible for development of Accounts Receivable system from initial analysis through to implementation. Assisted in subsequent implementation of Order Processing system.

May '90 to Jul '91: Occupational Health and Safety Insurance
Client:  South Australian Government Environment:  Cobol, Pathway, SQL Tandem NSK

Developed Employer Registration sub-system. Responsible for a team of 2 designers and up to 6 programmers during relevant stages of the development. Following implementation of this sub-system, assisted in the development of the Levies sub-system.

May '90: Moved from UK to Australia 

Jul '89 to May'90: Electronic Point of Sale - Auto spares
Client:  Software Sciences Environment:  Tandem Cobol, Pathway

Set up Tandem development environment and was responsible for programming team.

Mar '88 to Mar'89: Banking: Clearing House Automated Payments System
Client:  Lloyds Bank Environment:  Tandem Cobol, TAL

Developed Program Testing suite of Cobol and TAL programs. Responsible for a team of up to 12 programmers.

Nov '86 to Mar '88: Banking: BACS - Systems Analysis

Using BIS Structured Analysis standards produced functional specifications for 3 systems, all running on the Tandem platform:
  • Network Management System, monitoring INX 4400 switches
  • High Speed Inter-System Data Transfer, used to capture data from various banks
  • Secure PC Data capture, using PIN generators and encryption devices attached to the Tandem to ensure secure capture of data from remote PCs. The analysis also covered the system and manual procedures required to the initialise, store, issue and track the PIN generator devices

Aug '86: Reviewed design of steel work's manufacturing process control system running on Tandem TXPs.

Apr '85 to Aug '86 : Banking - Multi currency Lending System

Developed parameterised screen navigation to allow the creation of complex data driven on-line business transactions containing many Screen Cobol modules.

May '84 to Apr '85: BIS Applied Systems - Investment Management System

Participated in Analysis and design development phases. Responsible for programming team.

Aug '83 to May '84: BIS Applied Systems - Money Market Dealing System 

Wrote Tandem introduction course aimed at system designers new to Tandem. Produced analysis and design for End Of day audit sub-system. Responsible for programming team.

Apr '82 to Jun '83: Scandinavian Airline Systems - Passenger Handling and Load Control System 

Involved in the initial design of the system which monitored and controlled the loading of aircraft. Participated in the design of a distributed database allowing the simultaneous check in of passengers on different legs of multi leg flights.

Jun '81 to Apr '82: Scandinavian Airline Systems - Passenger Accounting System

Used to control the issuing and tracking of airline tickets.

Dec '80 to Jun '81:  Canadian Pacific Ships - Distributed reporting 

Wrote development Standards and Procedures manual. Set up Tandem development environment. Wrote a TAL sub-system to allow transmission of reports between the Tandem and remote Amdahl and ITT computers.

May '80 to Dec '80: Alexanders Merchant Bank - Deal Entry

Member of small team developing on-line system on the Tandem.

Dec '77 to Apr '80: Spillers Dalgety - Stock Control/Sales Ledger systems

Involved in programming and design on Burroughs Small and Medium systems.